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I’m so happy to be able to offer these live sessions on the wonderful Insight Timer App. These sessions are based on my own life lessons, insights and meditation practices that I’ve found the most healing and transformational in my own life. I hope these talks and meditations soothe your soul and light up your heart. I hope to see you there! Andy

Tue Sep 29 – 03:00 pm
You are enough JOIN EVENT
Today I invite you to be enough, just as you are, with all your flaws, imperfections and vulnerabilities. With all that you carry from your past, your hopes and fears for the future. I’ll talk a bit, we’ll do a meditation and by the end I hope you’ll feel that you’re enough, that you’ve arrived.

Tue Oct 6 – 03:00 pm
Meeting anxiety with the heart JOIN EVENT
When we feel anxious we often think that we’re getting life wrong. This isn’t true. Anxiety is just a call to meet ourselves with kindness. Today is a gentle meditation where we’ll connect with our vulnerable selves and offer some space, care and presence from our hearts. Have a cuppa to hand : )

Tue Oct 13 – 03:00 pm
Become Your Own Peacekeeper JOIN EVENT
Well, this planet has got itself in a bit of a pickle hasn’t it? It’s hard not to get pulled into all the confusion and negativity floating in the ether. Fear not, we’ll learn how to find some stability and a sense of peace with a little help from a bug in a rug. (talk and meditation)

Tue Oct 20 – 03:00 pm
Life Is Not Personal JOIN EVENT
We take everything that happens in our life so very personally. But the truth is, the universe unfolds as it will and you just happen to be there to witness it. When we take what happens less personally we lighten our load & reconnect to the mystery and wonder of life. (talk and meditation)

Tue Oct 27 – 03:00 pm
Be a Shining Light JOIN EVENT
Life can feel a bit heavy at times…no kidding right now! We can lose that joy & magic that is always present in the moments of our day. Today is a meditation to open your smiling heart & shine your light out into this world that so needs healing right now. Andy (Dedicated to St JB Primary)

Tue Nov 3 – 03:00 pm
What is Truly Essential? JOIN EVENT
Hi folks, today we’re doing a relaxing body scan/ inquiry to explore our perception of our bodies. Perhaps they’re not as solid as they seem? Perhaps we’re more connected with this planet than we think? Perhaps I should be less cryptic? : ) This one is best laying down with a blanket. Andy

Tue Nov 10 – 03:00 pm
Hi folks. Today we’ll do a gentle meditation exploring who we really are deep down, underneath our life story, the roles we play, our successes and failures and so on. This is really a beautiful practice of letting go and settling in a place of being. It’s inspired by the wonderful Douglas Harding.

Tue Nov 17 – 03:00 pm
Mountain Meditation (with live music) JOIN EVENT
Hi folks. This will be a very special version of my mountain meditation with live music. Together we’ll sit as a mountain and connect with a place of stillness and grounding. I hope this meditation soothes your soul and lights up your heart. With love, Andy

Tue Nov 24 – 03:00 pm
Andy Style Tea Ceremony and Questions JOIN EVENT
Hi folks. Please join me for a cuppa. I’ll do a short talk and will guide our little tea ceremony. This is an opportunity to connect, share, ask questions and most importantly drink tea. You’ll need a cup of your favourite hot drink to hand (cake welcome too). Andy