Peace on Earth

Travel back in time to experience the flowering of consciousness here on earth 150 million years ago. This is a very special meditation for healing and reconnection. It will be released 01.01.2020

My Peaceful Place

A 10 day audio adventure that teaches children age 5-9 how to meditate.  A perfect introduction to meditation for primary schools and families

FREE learn to meditate for kids course

A fun, friendly five day adventure into meditation and beyond for kids. Perfect for schools.

Conscious Companies

Give your business a boost and create a happy workplace with a tailored mindfulness package

Peaceful People

Learn how to live a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life with a group meditation course or one to one session with Andy.

Happy Kids

Bespoke group sessions for kids teaching them how to return to a sense of calm and self acceptance through meditation, music and movement. For schools and community groups.

About Andy

Hello. I’m still not really sure what I teach. If it was anything it would be to help people to discover that they are enough just as they are, that life holds so much mystery and wonder waiting to be discovered and that when all is stripped away there is only love. My teaching comes from many spiritual traditions, philosophies, therapeutic approaches and trees climbs. I create music too – I hope it heals and soothes your soul. I’ve got kids, Leo and Finn.They’re the best! I love them. Andy


Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

I've been trying to come up with some words to speak about racism.  I am very aware of the colour of my skin as I write this and how this may be received. As a white male I'm sure I've been given a ticket to the front of society's invisible queue many times.  I've not...

My Peaceful Place | Track by track

My Peaceful Place | Track by track

On this 10 day adventure you’ll learn the basics of meditation and how it can help you to feel calmer and less worried about anything that life sends your way. This could be when you’re nervous about a school test or performance, when you’re upset about a friendship,...

My peaceful place update

My peaceful place update

Dear all, It's been a little while since I announced that I am creating a meditation audio course for children so I thought I'd do a little update.  As always, life takes its twists and turns and I was taken away from this project for a little while but today I begin...

A beautiful garland of gems of guided meditations from a gifted teacher. If you are serious about meditation to nurture your soul, these tracks will give you much nourishment.

"Revive and Awaken" Review

Outstanding collection from an experienced guide. I’ve purchased several of Andy’s tracks from his website, so I was excited to see a whole collection here. Really excellent meditations, just the right amount of guidance. Our family really enjoys his Mountain and Lake meditations as well.

"Everyday Meditations" Review

5 Stars! Amazing tools to help you meditate. These meditations are simply one of the best I have come across. Simple, kind, compassionate and perfect for the purpose, anticipating your needs, clear and concise, without too much or too little talking, perfect balance and perfect voice to inspire you trust and calmness and to help you connect with yourself.

"Everyday Meditations" Review

One of the best! Andy has a wonderful way of simplifying the practice. His words are clear, and he speaks only those words which are necessary, allowing time and space in between the dialogue. A perfect balance. His approach is gentle and non-judgmental. Highly recommended. Thanks, Andy

"Everyday Meditations" Review

Perfection! My single favourite guided meditation. It’s a masterpiece of clarity, imagery and metaphor”

"Lake Meditation" Review