Drop in meditation class

Step out of the busyness of everyday life and come into a quiet, peaceful space to restore and recharge. Starts at Beckenham Place Mansion in February 2019

Falling Leaf Meditation

Download includes three versions of this very special guided meditation

Mini audio courses now £5.99

Learn any mindfulness topic in just 10 days

Managing depression with mindfulness course

Learn how to transform your experience of depression with mindfulness

Conscious Companies

Give your business a boost and create a happy workplace with a tailored mindfulness package

Peaceful People

Learn how to live a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life with a group meditation course or one to one session with Andy.

Mindful Schools

A whole school approach, mindfulness training programme for staff and children that can transform your primary school.

About Andy

Andy’s vision is to create a happier, kinder, more conscious world through teaching meditation. Since starting to teach meditation in 2010, he has helped millions of people around the world through his online guided meditations and courses.

Andy draws upon many traditions, philosophies, therapeutic approaches and his personal meditation practice to teach how we can return to our true nature, free ourselves from the voice in our head and find lasting happiness, purpose and freedom. 


Album Update

Just another little update from South East London. I'm still busy finishing my new album. I have just three more tracks to finish the music for then I go off to the mastering studio to make them sparkle : ) The album is aimed at busy people who maybe don't have heaps...

A beautiful garland of gems of guided meditations from a gifted teacher. If you are serious about meditation to nurture your soul, these tracks will give you much nourishment.

"Revive and Awaken" Review

Outstanding collection from an experienced guide. I’ve purchased several of Andy’s tracks from his website, so I was excited to see a whole collection here. Really excellent meditations, just the right amount of guidance. Our family really enjoys his Mountain and Lake meditations as well.

"Everyday Meditations" Review

5 Stars! Amazing tools to help you meditate. These meditations are simply one of the best I have come across. Simple, kind, compassionate and perfect for the purpose, anticipating your needs, clear and concise, without too much or too little talking, perfect balance and perfect voice to inspire you trust and calmness and to help you connect with yourself.

"Everyday Meditations" Review

One of the best! Andy has a wonderful way of simplifying the practice. His words are clear, and he speaks only those words which are necessary, allowing time and space in between the dialogue. A perfect balance. His approach is gentle and non-judgmental. Highly recommended. Thanks, Andy

"Everyday Meditations" Review

Perfection! My single favourite guided meditation. It’s a masterpiece of clarity, imagery and metaphor”

"Lake Meditation" Review