Conscious Relationships


Learn how to use mindfulness to nurture your relationships with others, work through conflict and find the confidence to speak out when you need to. You’ll need to listen to my ‘Getting to Know Yourself’ course before listening to this course to get the best from it.

This course builds and expands on the teachings from ‘Getting to know Yourself’. You’ll learn how to use mindfulness to get the very best from your relationships, work through strained or stuck ones at home or at work and become more confident in yourself.

Course Content: (10 minutes a day)

  1. Relationship with Yourself Part Two
  2. Wishing Yourself Well
  3. Buddy Kindness
  4. Stranger Kindness
  5. Working with Conflict
  6. Empathy
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Your Final Mission
  9. Mindful Listening
  10. Mindful Communication


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