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Everyday Meditations


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Album Samples:

Night Sky

Peace Walking


Rise and Shine


Saturday Start Up


Just Got Home 


Andy’s long awaited second album of his popular guided meditations.

  • Includes over two hours of new meditations with background music composed and performed by Andy.
  • Created to bring balance, calm and insight to a busy working week.
  • Ideal for anyone, from beginners to mindful gurus.
  • Includes bonus track, The Lake Meditation.

Track List

  1. Rise and Shine (5:44)
  2. Peace Walking (12:26)
  3. Calming Commute (12:00)
  4. Lunchtime Leveller (5:21)
  5. Just Got Home (12:16)
  6. Night Sky (18:02)
  7. Saturday Start Up (11:27)
  8. Sunday Blues (19:27)
  9. Lake Meditation (30:00) Bonus Track

The Team

  • Andy Hobson: Guidance, piano, guitar, bass, violin, synths, cinematic soundscapes.
  • Josie Jo: Album artwork and awesomeness.
  • Anna (Wife): Endless support and putting up with me spending every waking moment for the last three months staring at my studio computer screen.
  • John (Bro): Website magic/ being a bro.
  • Friends: Road testing the album and all the support.
  • Pete Maher: Mastering

Everyday Meditations is based on the key concepts of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. The album has also been inspired by Andy’s experience of teaching mindfulness, his own meditation practice and living and working in a busy city.




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