Learn Mindfulness: Level Two


Build on what you learnt in Level One and go deeper into your meditation practice.

This course is the 2nd stage of my foundation program for beginners. After this course, the meditation world is your oyster! You’ll have a strong set of skills to be able to engage with other guided meditation teachings, traditions and practices. This course will support you to start your own daily meditation practice. You’ll also have gained the skills and knowledge needed to confidently engage in any of my other courses.

Course Content: (10 minutes a day)

  1. Reconnecting with your Breath
  2. Your Breath is a Bridge
  3. Listening to your Body
  4. Barriers to Meditation
  5. Connecting with Emotions
  6. Emotion and Body Awareness
  7. Going Deeper into Thoughts
  8. Freedom from Thinking
  9. Self Kindness
  10. Gratitude and Acceptance


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