Nurturing Creativity


Learn how to tap into your creativity, work through blocks and make it happen!

This unique course combines mindfulness, visualisation and the Gestalt cycle* as a powerful way to spark a creative idea and work through it from start to finish. You can use this course to follow a dream or ambition, get through a creative block or discover your creative side. I strongly believe that we are all creative so if you think you’re not, this is also the course for you! Being creative is a wonderful way to connect with present moment, ourselves and the world around us and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Course Content: (10 minutes a day)

  1. Dreams and Ambitions
  2. Discovering your Spark
  3. Awareness and Clarity
  4. Get up and Go!
  5. Finding your Flow
  6. Overcoming Self Doubt
  7. Energy and Creativity
  8. Stepping Back
  9. Celebrating your Creativity
  10. The Creative Cycle

*The Gestalt Cycle, commonly used in a therapeutic context, looks at how a person follows through with an action and makes contact with their environment. Eating is one example – when you’re hungry, you’re driven to find food and eat. You then become satisfied or sometimes not. On this course we look at creativity in the same way using mindfulness to connect with our drive to create as well as exploring and working through the blocks that arise along the way.


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