About Andy

Before becoming a meditation teacher, Andy worked as a professional drummer. He found his dream job of playing music, ​touring the world and even meeting some of his musical heroes. After a couple of years he started to feel a dissatisfaction with this job, the initial shine of the rockstar life started to wear off and it felt like something big was missing. To understand this dissatisfaction Andy began to explore a number of spiritual traditions and philosophies and discovered that meditation or self inquiry was at the centre of many of them.

Andy committed to a daily meditation practice and over time (a fair amount of time!) began to experience a greater sense of calm, contentment and happiness. A whole new world opened up. Andy continued his spiritual journey eager to gain a deeper understanding of his mind and find genuine freedom from incessant thinking and reacting to life’s challenges. Having experienced the benefits of meditation Andy felt it was important to teach this life changing practice to others.

Andy now brings his mains passions, meditation teaching, wellbeing in education and music, together with his guided meditations, child mentoring, mindful schools and conscious companies programmes. He has released two successful albums, Revive and Awaken and Everyday Meditations. Both albums are aimed at helping people to feel more peaceful and happy in their daily life. Andy composes and records all the background music for his guided meditations, resisting the urge to put drums all over them!


Interview with Andy


Andy trained to teach mindfulness based stress reduction at the Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice at Bangor University, UK – an international centre for excellence in mindfulness training. He has completed the Mindfulness in Schools primary school teaching programme. Andy also has 5 years experience managing a child therapy service where he supported vulnerable children and families at a primary school in London.

Andy has a Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills from the BACP approved Manor House Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy and an Intermediate Diploma in Therapeutic Communications with Children from the London Metropolitan University. Andy also has a certificate in child counselling using the arts. 

Andy is passionate about children’s wellbeing and is part of a pioneering wellbeing in education group in London. In 2015 Andy and the group were invited to facilitate participants at a conference at Cambridge University on universal responsibility hosted by the Dalai Lama and Lord Rowan Williams. Topics included resources, health, education, technology, environment and peace. The group has since been invited back to continue discussions.


The Wellbeing in Education group with the Dalai Lama and Rowan Williams. I’m there in presence, hidden behind someone : )