Drop in meditation classes

Step out of the busyness of everyday life and come into a quiet, peaceful space to restore and recharge. This is a friendly and informal meditation class for beginners and beyond.  The class is taught in the beautiful Beckenham Park Mansion surrounded by woodlands and green open space.

There’s no chanting, mantras, spiritual jargon or religious content. This is a straight forward meditation class suitable for anyone who would like some time for themselves to relax, unwind and discover practical and helpful ways to manage the ups and downs of daily life.

Weekly themes will generally be based around the following:

  • ways to manage anxiety and calming our busy minds
  • how to let go of past problems and worry less about the future
  • how to turn life’s challenges into transformational experiences
  • how to feel at peace and happy just as you are right now

Dates: Every Wednesday evening
Time: 8pm to 9pm
Venue: Beckenham Place Mansion (Drawing Room) BR3 1SY


  • Taster session (first session) £6
  • Single session £10
  • 4 session pass £32 (£8 per session)
  • Concessions: pay what you can afford

Travel Information

  • There’s free parking behind the mansion.
  • The nearby train stations are Beckenham Hill, Beckenham Junction, Ravensbourne, New Beckenham
  • The 54 bus goes past the mansion and it’s a short walk through the park from the road.


You can pay with cash on the day or email hello@andyhobsonmeditation.com for bank transfer details if you’d like to pay beforehand. There’s no need to book, just turn up 10 minutes before the start and get yourself comfortable.

Why meditate?

We westerners always like the stamp of science so I’ll start there. In terms of neuroscience, countless studies have shown that meditation can actually change our brain – this is called neuroplasticity. Richard Davidson, a leading neuroscientist, has carried out research using MRI scans that shows the grey matter (brain cells) in our prefrontal cortex (front of our brain that is responsible for decision making, reasoning, problem solving, emotional response and a lot more) is increased in meditation. Davidson also discovered that the meditation increased left-sided brain activation linked with happiness and positive emotions.  Dr Sara Lazar, another leading neuroscientist in this field, discovered that meditation decreased activation in the part of our brain that responds to stress. This is called the Amygdala.  To find out more watch Dr Sara Lazar’s ted talk .

Science aside, the feedback I’ve had from the people I teach is that they: 

  • generally feel calmer
  • deal better with stressful situations and unpleasant experiences
  • feel more confident
  • are more accepting of who they are with all their flaws
  • feel less anxious
  • are better able to manage physical pain
  • enjoy more moments of their lives

Here are the main reasons I meditate everyday:


  • I feel calmer and am less reactive to daily challenges
  • I don’t take my thoughts so seriously and am able to choose which thoughts I invest in and which ones to leave be. (generally any negative self talk)
  • I don’t rely on everything going my way to be happy
  • I feel more energised and creative without all the clutter in my head
  • I have a much more positive outlook on life
  • I accept and embrace all my flaws : )
  • It’s the only peace and quiet I get each day with a very energetic (almost) two year old! : )