Music is my life passion.  It all started with a set of drums in a bedroom 30 years ago and has evolved from there. In my 20s I was the drummer in a band signed to Parlophone. That ended as these things do but I’ve continued to make music ever since.

During Covid lockdown 2019 I unexpectedly started writing songs. I’d never written a song in my life but suddenly songwriting came very naturally.  I went with this new found creativity and began recording demos at home.  These demos are now forming into album that I intend to finish and release in 2022. The songs speak of life, death and love. So everything really. I hope they lift your spirits during these strange times we’re in.

I’ll be playing some London shows along the way. Then I’m going to see what happens. Life is for living to the full and I’ve had enough surprises to know that anything can happen (see below). So I’m following my heart and this burst of creativity that I have found in songwriting.

I’m on the hunt for musicians to play some shows with so please get in touch if you’re in London (I’m SE London) and play either bass, guitar or drums. If you have BV skills that’s even better. Although this is currently a casual project, I’m looking for a real players and not beginners. It’s a big ask at this level, I know. But I’ve been doing this for 20 years and know that it never works out in the end of you settle for less than you need for your music.  

For a quick listen here’s a Spotify Playlist. (These are polished demos that I have recorded at home but will take another form for my album)

Oh you want more? Here’s some interesting facts about my good self:


1.  I played Wembley Arena once. Just as a support slot but the arena none the less.
2. I met Slash in a hotel in Osaka. His was a lovely man.
3. I worked for 5 years managing a child therapy service in a primary school in London. I loved that job.
4. I’ve had 26 jobs since leaving school. (highlights being gardener, water meter reader, bike mechanic and fundraiser)
5. I’ve been featured on the cover of London cyclist magazine.
6. I was on tour supporting The Killers when they released Mr Brightside.
7. Pos from De La Soul really liked a drum cover I did on youtube of ‘Tread Water’.
8. I introduced the Dalai Lama at an event one. Lovely man.
9. I’m a daddy to two little boys age 4 and 2. They’re the best! (this should be no1 really)
10. I also play guitar, violin, piano, synths (everyone plays synth) hang drum, bass guitar and mandolin. I play the drums the best though.
11. I’m not a fan of people who brag about all the things that they’ve done.  We’ve all got stories. 
12 Ok, one more. I’ve also played Glastonbury, V Festival, Summersonic in Japan and had a chat with Daniel Lanois about recording Achtung Baby. Ok, shit, I had breakfast with Peter Gabriel too at his studio in Bath. Enough! Jesus. Remember that these are the highlights amongst the admin jobs, data entry, call centres, working for a skip hire company in a portacabin in a carpark, selling music gear to buy food, empty venues, night buses after gigs, terrible tinnitus, getting kicked out of a studio on New Year’s day, working every evening to claw my way into a career that I enjoyed and so on. Right, that’s it now. Thanks for reading. 

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