I’d left the house with just enough time for my 45 minute journey to work.  This unplanned stop would mean I might get to work  a little late.   Do I stay with the traffic and get to work on time or take 5 minutes to witness this beautiful morning?

I stopped cycling and crossed the road to leave the busy rush hour traffic and  sat down on a bench to enjoy the view for just a few minutes.  I’m glad I did.  Just pausing for a few minutes put a smile on my face, made my onward journey more enjoyable and I still got to work on time. I got to take this photo too!

We are all busy.  There is always somewhere to be or one more thing to do but just stopping and taking a little time out now and then can free us from the habitual ‘doing mode’ and can bring us back to the present moment, the only place where life really unfolds.