On this 10 day adventure you’ll learn the basics of meditation and how it can help you to feel calmer and less worried about anything that life sends your way. This could be when you’re nervous about a school test or performance, when you’re upset about a friendship, when you just can’t sleep or when you’re feeling lonely or down in the dumps. 

Your adventure begins with some simple lessons on how to meditate, starting with how your breath can help you to feel calmer.  Then you’ll learn how to let go of worries using the magic of rainbows and how to manage big feelings with a trip across a stormy sea. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a life jacket for this bit.  After our sea voyage, we’ll go on a flying adventure to a distant land, where you’ll discover your very own special place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. After a good rest you’ll be ready to head into the mystical mountains to learn a little more about feelings and how they can change as quickly as the four seasons. As we softly tread our way towards the end of our journey together, we’ll do some star gazing to help us understand just how special and unique we really are. To end this journey you’ll do a meditation on self kindness that will give you all the shine and sparkle you’ll ever need. After that, well, there might be one more thing to learn but it’s going to take a trip up to the moon! Happy travels young traveller!

My Peaceful Place brings together the meditation practices that have been the most beneficial and transformative for the children Andy has taught in schools. These teachings and meditations have been refined and brought together as a complete guide for schools and parents to use. The course is designed to help children with sleep, anxiety, self regulation, emotional literacy, self-esteem, confidence, rocket flying, sailing, silliness and relaxation. 

1: A Warm Welcome

Today is a gentle introduction to the basics of meditation, where you’ll learn a simple breathing meditation to get you started. We’ll also explore how our minds can often be in the past, thinking of things that didn’t go so well, and in the future, worrying about what might happen. You’ll learn how meditation can help you to be more in the present moment and not so lost in thoughts about the past and future. The present moment is a very special moment and today you’ll find out why. 

2: An Adventure Begins

Today you’ll learn a few more of the basics of meditation from how to sit in a comfortable position to what you can do when your mind wanders off when you’re meditating. We’ll also explore how your breath can help you to feel calm, happy and relaxed and how it connects us to every moment of our life. You’ll do the ‘Calming Breath’ meditation where we’ll explore the different ways you can notice your breath in your body.

  1. Travelling Light

Today you’re going to learn from rainbows how to recognise the trickier feelings that we have sometimes, like sadness, anger and frustration.  We’ll also explore how we can use meditation to let go of things like worries, when someone says something mean to us or that feeling of disappointment when we lose at a sports game. You’ll do the ‘Rainbow Breathing’ meditation to help with all these things. 

  1. Ocean Adventure

All aboard! Today you’re going to calm a stormy sea using the power of meditation. Sounds impossible right? Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through it. We’re also going to explore how big feelings like anger, sadness, fear or loneliness can show up in our bodies and how we can calm them a little with meditation. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be going back in time using my special time machine to find out how our brains work when we’re scared, angry or worried. 

  1. A Magical Sleep

If you could fly, where would you go? Today you’re going on a flying adventure, with a little help from a flying cape and some magic flying dust. On this adventure you’ll discover your very own special place where you can relax, be yourself and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll also learn about the different kinds of thoughts we have and how sometimes they can make it a bit tricky for us to get to sleep. I’ll be giving you some handy tips with what you can do if you have a lot of thoughts before you go to bed and how you can put your worries aside. 

  1. Peace Mountain

Today you’ll learn from mountains how to keep as cool as a cucumber even when big challenges come up in your day. We’ll also explore how our feelings can be a lot like the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In your meditation you’ll put this all into practice where you’ll become a beautiful mountain, sitting through all kinds of weather. 

  1. You are Stardust

Did you know that you are made of stardust? Today you’re going to discover that just like a star, you shine brightly in your own special way, perfect just as you are. That’s all you really need to know today. Enjoy and relax : )

  1. Heart of the Universe

Today you’ll learn just how important self kindness is. When we’re kind to ourselves we just feel much better and can also accept kindness from others. This is also sometimes called self acceptance which means accepting and celebrating who we are, just as we are. You’ll also learn how thoughts can affect how we feel about ourselves and how our feelings can affect the kind of thoughts we have. Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all. Finally you’ll do a very special ‘Glowing Heart’ meditation where you’ll connect with your heart, send yourself some kind wishes and discover that you shine just like the sun.

  1. Your Next Adventure

Well done young traveller! You’re almost at the end of your adventure and today we celebrate that you kept going all the way to the end, even when it might have been tricky or when it didn’t make much sense. We’ll explore what endings can mean to us and the kinds of feelings they can bring up. I’ll also give you some tips to help you carry on with your own meditation practice after this adventure. Now, perhaps there’s more to this story than we thought…..it looks like there’s a day 10? Why don’t you have a look and see what it’s all about 🙂

  1. The Keeper of Dreams (secret day..shhh)

Well, this is unexpected, we have a day 10 and there’s magic in the air. I wonder what this final journey will bring? This really is the end of your adventure but the beginning of a new one. Today you’re taking a trip to the moon to meet someone very special who will give you some wise words for your journey ahead. Today’s adventure is best done at night when you’re ready for bed, but you can do this anytime you feel like it. Happy travels and well done for completing your adventure!