Weather can have a big affect on our mood.  We tend to automatically judge rain and cloud as bad weather and clear skies and sunshine as good. Well, we actually need the rain and cloud for obviously reasons so maybe it’s time to look at weather in a different way..especially if you live in the UK!

We can approach those rainy days in a different way by moving our attention to our senses and directly experiencing the weather rather that seeing it through the vale of our thoughts.

You can try this experiment:

  • Listen to the rain as you walk outside or sit inside – paying close attention to how the rain sounds as it lands on different surfaces, the sound of your feet on the surface you’re walking on, the pitter patter on the window sill and anything else that stands out for you.
  • Notice colours   –  are some more vivid or dull?  Darker or lighter? What about reflections in the water?
  • Bring your attention to the ways the rain changes from moment to moment – heavy showers, light rain, a short pause with no rain falling, wind blowing the rain, maybe a short burst of sunshine etc.
  • Notice your general mood when doing this – are you happy? sad? neutral?

How did this change your experience?