We often believe that to find a moment of calm we have to escape off into nature.  Of course this can help us to reconnect with ourselves and nature but we don’t have to go anywhere to find some inner calm.  The good news is that you can find a moment of calm even within the grey walls of your office cubical, while major building works go on outside…honestly! : )

Simply stopping during the day (at work/ home/ out and about) and taking a few deep breathes (really paying attention to every nuance of your breathing) can bring you back into this moment.  If you want to you can use this as an opportunity to give yourself some kindly attention by just noticing how you are feeling right now. If you notice thoughts just let them be without trying to push them away.  Let sounds come and go and notice your reaction to them.  Just become aware of the ‘content’ of this moment without reacting or trying to change anything.

Do this for 2-3 minutes and use your breath as an anchor if you get lost in thoughts or external distractions. This little exercise is very powerful and transformational.  Give it a try!