Studio Time

Just another little update from South East London.

I’m still busy finishing my new album. I have just three more tracks to finish the music for then I go off to the mastering studio to make them sparkle : )

The album is aimed at busy people who maybe don’t have heaps of time to meditate. I’ve included some new areas of contemplation as well as expanding on some areas I’ve covered in previous meditations. The album is a mix of longer and short meditations.

I hope this album brings everyone joy, peace and maybe a little more insight. You get a full refund if you don’t obtain enlightenment on your first listen! : )

I thought I’d give you the track titles so here they are:

1. Rise and Shine: Morning Meditation
2. Peace Walking: Mindful Walking
3. Calming Commute: The Peaceful Passenger
4. Lunchtime Leveller: Short Check In
5. Just Got Home: Let Go and Recharge
6. The Night Sky: Evening Relaxation
7. Saturday Start Up: Putting Yourself First
8. Sunday Blues: Breathing Away The Sunday Blues
9. Lake Meditation: Relaxing Visualisation (BONUS)

Release date to be confirmed….

Go Well