Oh how small and insignificant our troubles and worries seem when we look down at the earth from a great height.  The world scurries below us whilst we soar through the sky without a care in the world.

We also put our faith and trust in the pilots ability to fly the plane and the planes ability to stay in the air and take us back to earth safe and sound.  During the flight, our lives are in the pilots hands and planes wings, balancing us on what can seem like the end of a pin. Many people face their deepest fears during a flight.

In the same way we can take a flight of our own by creating distance from our thoughts and emotions through meditation and in our daily lives.  This enables us to see them more clearly without getting caught up in the content. From there we can approach thoughts, emotions and body sensations  with an open curiosity and choose how best to respond to them. This also takes courage and trust as we’re approaching the unknown and often what we fear.

It’s a bit like shining a torch in a dark room. Once you can see clearly what you’re looking at you can choose how best to respond to it.

Happy flying!