Bird watching


We can learn a lot from this seagull. It just stands there, in the present moment, being a seagull, with no agenda, no ‘should I be doing something else?’  or ‘i’ll stay here for a bit but I better get on with some flying really’ or ‘this is great, I should do this more often, if only I had the time’.

Life can easily get very busy and complicated.  We can easily get caught up in our ambitions, constantly striving for more and more. When we do get those quiet moments, our minds switch on and tell us we should be doing something else to further our progress…to become more the person we want to be. Or just that we should be doing the washing up rather than taking a breather.

Well, turns out we have a choice.  We can follow and obey our every thought or we can choose which thoughts to invest in and which to leave to do their thing.  Mindfulness is about choice – you can’t stop your thoughts but with some practice you can gain some distance from them, allowing you a space…a space of pure awareness, when life can be seen and unknown directly and decisions can be made with more clarity.

Setting goals + letting go = adventure