I went on a camping holiday in Wales this summer.

It started with traffic queues getting out of London, driving rain all the way there and a sleepness night caused by my tent being battered by strong winds. (the tent stayed up all night though – phew!)

Having just finished a ridiculously busy week at work, the last thing I wanted was a bad night sleep.  I remembered that I actually had a choice in this situation though and mindfully accepted that I have no control over the elements. Once I did that there were not more layers of dissatisfaction or stories about how I deserved a good night sleep having worked so hard all summer.  I just lay awake and listened to the wind.

Dazed and confused I got up in the morning feeling like someone had stamped on me all night, put on a brew and then went for a walk along the coast. I soon forgot about the sleepless night and the first night camping aches when I saw this view…..instead, I was just grateful : )