Beginner’s guide to a mindful life


A step by step, easy to follow 30 day audio course that will teach you how to meditate and bring mindfulness to your daily life.

What you’ll learn

This course is for complete beginners and anyone that would like to refresh or deepen their meditation practice. On this 30 day journey you’ll begin by learning the basics of meditation and mindfulness and how they can help us to feel calmer and less caught up in the constant stream of thinking. Then we’ll go a little deeper by exploring our often turbulent relationship with the present moment and how we can be more at peace with what comes up in daily life through the practices of acceptance, self kindness and gratitude. Finally you’ll learn my favourite practices for bringing mindfulness out into everyday life, whether you’re at work, at home, on the move, or when we need a few minutes in the day to reset.  

Along the way you’ll learn scientifically proven mindfulness based reduction techniques to help you to shift out of the stress cycle, work with challenging thoughts and emotions and live life with a greater sense of peace, presence and happiness. You’ll also learn about recent and pioneering research in neuroscience that proves meditation and mindfulness can actually rewire our brains in a very positive way.


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