Peace on Earth (Free)


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Peace on Earth is a meditation for healing the heart and reconnecting to a sense mystery, stillness, beauty and wonder.  This is an invitation for you to travel back in time and experience the flowering of consciousness here on earth 150 million years ago. I hope this meditation meets you where you need it most and allows you to be at peace with all that the universe sends you. Peace isn’t a measure of your sense of calm. You don’t need to be calm to be at peace. Peace is about gently meeting the fear, anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, happiness and joy all in the same way, with kindness and care. The two poems quoted in this meditation are Auguries of Innocence by William Blake and Clearing by Martha Postlewaite.

In this meditation I also invite you to sing the mantras OM and AH. OM is said to be the most sacred sound on this planet and the sound the universe and all creation.  The AH mantra is said to resonate with the heart chakra, our centre for compassion and love. If you’re new to mantras they might seem a little strange. You can think of them as sound frequencies that bring our minds and bodies into harmony and rhythm. After all, we’re just made up of atoms that vibrate together at certain frequencies. This chaotic world can often leave us feeling fragmented and fearful. Mantras can help us to regain balance, equanimity and a sense of calm by teaching our cells how to all dance to the same tune again : ).  And Nikola Tesla once said said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. I encourage you to be curious about how you experience these mantra sounds in the meditation.

I created this meditation because our planet feels a long way from being at peace right now.  While the effects of climate change unfold right before our eyes, politicians relentlessly force through their agenda for more money, power and growth. We’re living in a material world connected by technology but yet we feel more disconnected and isolated from each other than ever.  There are still wars and poverty. There is inequality to the extent that the world’s 26 wealthiest people own as much as poorest 50%. You could say that humans have misinterpreted their purpose or have just been foolish with their time here on earth. Maybe this fragmentation, confusion and unrest is part of the earth’s evolution and it finding a new rhythm and perhaps a higher state of consciousness. Maybe we’ll wake up or maybe we’ll just be ejected from this planet. Time will tell.

Donate: If you choose to download this free meditation please consider making a donation to one of these charities:

International Rescue Committee: In Greece, more than 50,000 refugees, having fled unimaginable horrors in their home countries, now find themselves stranded in Greece and living in sprawling refugee camps. Many refugees are young children who have been separated from their families – there are now over 4,000 unaccompanied children in the country.

Rainforest Alliance: Forests are one of our most powerful defences against climate change. Help end the crisis of deforestation

Great Ormond Street Hospital: This UK Children’s hospital has been utterly amazing for my little family. We are eternally grateful for the care we receive from them.


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